Information about Optix.eXpert

How it works

How it works


  1. Signup - for free!
  2. Set up youexpert profile.
  3. Click the “Share your expertise” tab on the top menu bar.
  4. Offer a consultant or freelancer/contractor service.
  5. Connect your PayPal account.
  6. Get notified bmail when you receive a request from a potential employer.
  7. Agree on the scope of the job.
  8. Get paid.
  9. Complete the job.


  1. Signup - for free!
  2. Browse through experts and offerings (you can also search an experts' name).
  3. Find an expert that fits your requirements.
  4. Message experts by clicking the "contact" button - ask them anything.
  5. Agree on the scope of the job.
  6. Specify the agreed number of hours and press the "Request" button - You will not be charged yet.
  7. The transaction will take place once the expert confirms your request. If the expert doesn’t reply within 3 days - the request will be cancelled and the money will not be transferred.
  8. The expert will start working on the job after receiving the payment. You are protected against fraud by PayPal's customer protection program.

Thank you for your business!